static ip or DDNS for security cameras
14 Jul 2017

Do we need a Static IP for Security System?

Fixed, or static IP address can add a lot to your monthly internet bill, 99% chance you don’t even need it!

What is Static IP address??

To simple things, in most cases each modem you own receive an internet IP address, once you received this IP address it used as the “internet ID” for all devices connected to your home or business network, each time you disconnect from the internet or restart your modem you might get a new, different Internet IP address, When you buy Static IP address, this address belong to you and will never change as long as you pay for it.

You need static IP address or alternative solution when you want to access a device inside your network when you away.

Security system static IP vs dynamic IP

How much it cost you?

Low rate for Static IP address will be around $5 per month and it can go up to $50 per month, Internet providers sales will always try to up-sale business customers to have static IP, in many cases they will add the service to the bill without even asking, in one rare case i found in my customer bill a charge of $150 for a block of 50 IP addresses they don’t even need.

Static IP address for Security Cameras Systems

Halcyon CCTV Experts provide security cameras installation in San Diego for many customer, we never request or demand a Static IP address to allow our customers to view their camera system remotely from the internet, many Security Systems Installers will say you have to get static IP address to view your cameras remotely which is true, partially, there are many alternative solutions, which most of them are free for use like No-IP, DynDNS, FREE DDNS services that include in your DVR, and P2P cloud solutions.

Any of the DVR / NVR recorders that Halcyon CCTV Experts install include either a free DDNS or cloud P2P that can replace the need for Static IP address.

Our Hikvision OEM line can work either with NO-IP free service or Hik-Connect free and security Dynamic DNS service which can support multiple devices and locations, the following video go over the process of setup and use this service



Bottom line, if you order a new internet service for your home or business security system, contact us first, we might save you a lot of $$$