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Halcyon Technologies Inc. has over 20 years of experience in providing state of the art security technology services such as CCTV, Security Cameras & Security systems for many local and national customers, including commercial, residential and government sectors. We have built great relationships with all the top manufacturers in the industry and are qualified to work with their latest technologies. Our office is located in the beautiful City of San Diego! We provide installation, repair, and consultation services to most Southwestern states, and are able to ship domestically and internationally. Please contact us for more details.

Who we are and what we offer

Our Mission

Halcyon CCTV Experts mission is to make a difference and contribute to a safer and more sustainable future, specifically through the conceptualization and production of security technology solutions that are not only industry leading, but in alliance with eco-friendly efforts.


Halcyon CCTV EXperts is passionate about the integration of the latest technologies with video surveillance and security systems. Marrying these principles, our engineers will design the perfect security solution for your specific needs. Each component in our systems can be custom picked to provide the highest level of security, versatility, and autonomy to benefit both the private and government sectors; as well as residential and commercial property owners.

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We can integrate any security system with our Mobile and Solar platform.


Custom Engineering

All of our CCTV & Surveillance Systems are fully customized to fit the exact security needs and situation of our customers. Starting from each camera lens size to allow idle coverage, Infrastructure type to reduce installation cost while maintaining maximum performance, match the right recorder type, technology and features that will provide the best solution for all security needs

Push, SMS Text & Email Alerts

Get Real-Time Push notifications, text or email alerts any time directly to your smart device or computer

Remote Access

Access your security system immediately either Live or through Playback feed in a crystal clear Full-HD quality from anywhere in the world using your MAC, PC, iOS and Android devices! Remote Access is an integrated feature in all of our video surveillance systems

Hard Drive

The most common security system malfunction is Hard-Drive failure, HDD is still the only mechanic component and most security systems and in most cases the 1st component that will fail, where most installer trying to save we only use industry leading HDD’s such as WD Purple surveillance line or SSD drive to provide maximum reliability and storage for your security needs.

CCTV System Key Features

If you’re considering installing new security cameras or upgrading from existing models, there are certain key features you should make sure are included in the system you purchase.
Whether it’s clearer images, better range or a more convenient system, options exist for you to improve your video surveillance system.

Hikvision HP IP  ptz camera in San Diego

3 Years Warranty

To maintain maximum performance with minimum downtime we only resale security equipment manufacture by the leading companies in the security industry. Therefore any main component that we resale such as Cameras, Recorders & Hard Drives include a 3 year hardware warranty, which is 3 times above the industry standards.

Low Light performance

The real test for Security cameras is the performance at night and in low light conditions. This is where most low cost and HD cameras will provide poor performance. Included in our product line are the: GeoVision Super Low Light standards & Hikvision Hi-Power EXIR camera. These are guaranteed to provide excellent performance at low light and total dark conditions

Video Quality

We install only commercial grade CCTV Cameras, our line include camera with minimum quality of 1080P in our lower end packages, 4K (8MP) Cameras in our med range packages and up to 20MP in our high end Video Surveillance equipment.

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Halcyon Technologies

  • 1. Our systems are fully customizable, each part and project can be individually picked to accommodate our customer’s specific needs and environment
  • 2. Halcyon CCTV Experts is reliable, qualified, and assured. We are fully licensed, bonded, and carry over $1,000,000 insurance coverage at any time so our customer can be risk free
  • 3. Our Security Cameras products line provided only by the industry leading manufactures and all Cameras, DVR/NVR recorders and Surveillance Hard Drives comes with minimum of 3 years hardware warranty
  • 4. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, we are experts in many avenues of IT/Network engineering, telecommunication, long range wireless communication and more. Our comprehensive background allows us to handle entire projects limiting multiple party involvement and reducing overall costs.

Other companies

  • 1. Pre-made security systems packages only offer very limited solutions that often times do not meet the customer’s exact needs and performs with limited efficiency.
  • 2. Many service providers work without a contractor license, bond, or insurance which put the customer in great liability risk
  • 3. In many cases competitors use pre made, low end surveillance system packages that does not include technical support and maximum of 1 year warranty
  • 4. Competing companies and service providers lack actual experience in related fields of IT/networking and telecommunications, which limits the solutions they can provide and in many cases involve subcontracting which increases overall costs and risks

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