The threats

Small, commercially available drones or UAVs are already being used by criminals to infiltrate prisons, steal intellectual property from businesses and invade peoples’ privacy. Easy to control and readily available drones are becoming the tool of choice for those wishing to do harm. It is time to take action and protect yourself from this new threat.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular with everyone. While at first glance, they may seem like a somewhat annoying but benign presence, drones actually represent some very real security threats that are important to be aware of.

Few threats that seem to be of particular concern, drones can be:

  • • Used as a spying equipment
  • • Used as a weapon
  • • Dangerous Safety Hazard
  • • Criminals and Terrorists uses
  • • Deliver weapons or drugs to restricted zones

The technology

We offer state-of-the-art technology to detect the incursion of unwanted drones in your vicinity. The detection system sends alerts that can integrate with existing security systems. Once detected, we can deploy countermeasures to mitigate the drone threat. Additionally, the data collected by Drone Detector can be used in the apprehension and prosecution of violators through real-time warnings and digital evidence collection with our consulting services group.

Awareness of drone threats with enough time to take corrective action is the first step in your security. With the most advanced detection technology available, Drone Detector can pick up the presence of a drone up to a 1 Mile away with a single unit. We can even pick up flying drones before they leave the ground.

Common applications

  • • Commercial facilities
  • • restricted zones (such prison or high scrutiny facilities)
  • • Boarder patrol
  • • Military & defense applications
No Drone Zone Street Sign
illegal surveillance quadrocopters