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Video analytics Software has come a long way over the last few years in terms of capabilities and accessibility. In previous years, analytics were primarily needed and available to large, corporate or government systems, requiring powerful servers to run each application along with high-end infrastructure.
Now, due to maturing analytic engines and the exponential increase in camera and server processing power, analytics can be used by many different kinds of users and in a variety of environments. Analytics can run on the camera (edge) or on a server running multiple video streams or multiple applications.

How is it work?

Video Analytics is an addition software that is embedded into the DVR/NVR server, in some cases the video can be processed on a remote location. this addition software process the live video input in real time and, using advances algorithms the software knows how to recognize specific events or changes and trigger an alert such as Email, popup message, text message, local alarm/strobe, close/open gate and more.

In most cases video analytics, will be integrated part of the recording server, basic video analytics such as Virtual line crossing and motion detection will be part even when using the most basic recorder, in other cases when more advances Video Analytics are needed, enterprise level recorder or additional license purchase will be needed.

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CCTV Video Analytics San Diego

Perimeter and Virtual line video analytics

Define a secure zone by drawing a virtual fence which generates an alarm if a vehicle, person or any other dynamic object crosses a virtual tripwire.  The system is capable of categorizing objects and can determine their direction.  It detects breaches to secure zones, unauthorized activity and movement in specific areas, perimeter intrusion, loitering in sensitive areas, person or vehicle tailgating.

Common uses for Perimeter Detection

  •  • 24/7 or by schedule alerts/alarm
  •  • Counting people/vehicles or any other moving objects
  •  • Video monitoring of building entrances, loading docks, and parking lots.
  •  • Secure a pre-defined zone
  •  • Wrong way motion detection
CCTV Video Analytics San Diego

Line crossing detection


Restricted zone alert


Unattended and missing object analytics

The Unattended / Missing Object Detection analytics can quickly identify an abandoned object automatically. An alert/alarm will be triggered when an object is left unattended over a predefined period of time or when the object is removed from the premises. This functionality can be used to detect illegal parking, or vehicles staying too long in certain zones, etc.

Common Applications

• Save resources due to automatic 24/7 monitoring
• Avert dangerous situations due to unattended objects
• Monitor important objects automatically and trigger an alert if an object goes missing

Idle for: Public areas, Car parks, Airports, Train stations, Museums, Street surveillance

unattended object detection


Missing object detection


Vehicle and Traffic video analytic solutions

Video analytics is a great tool to use where ever traffic and vehicles are involve, basic analytic tools such as parameter, line crossing and missing/unattended object detection can be easily integrated to identify:

  • • illegal parking
  • • unattended vehicles
  • • wrong way motion
  • • traffic jam
  • • vehicles counting
  • • traffic speed

(LPR) license plate recognition

LPR Video Analytics is an Intelligent Module that provides license plate recognition and comparative analysis of face plates for all types of vehicles. LPR is an effective tool for the solution of registration tasks, identification and provision for car safety, control of traffic, and access control of vehicles.

The reliability of the system, high the percentage of recognition, accuracy and speed of identification are ensured by use by the specially developed algorithms. Face Capture can be used at airports, banks, casinos, public buildings, subways, factories, schools or in any other location where it makes sense to record the faces of visitors.

Common applications

  • • parking lots
  • • Train stations
  • • airports
  • • traffic controll
  • • Street surveillance
  • • Border protection
  • • Public events

Trailer Specifications

Many other video analytic options are available, fallowing is a list of addition features that we offer, if you have any question or request you like us to assist you with please contact us.

• Advanced Motion Detection
• Face Detection
• Scene Change Detection
• Enhanced Object Counting
• Color detection
• Flame and smoke detection
• Shape Tamper detection recognition
• Video tracking