Costco CCTV Installation In San Diego
10 Jul 2017

Did you know… there is type product Costco sells, but won’t use?

I bet that many of you have walked into Costco and other retail stores like Fry’s, Walmart, etc… and had the question “why they don’t use what they sell?”, most likely the corporate office of Costco for example will not allow a non commercial grade security system to be installed in their warehouse, when security is important, Security cameras installation should be performed by a professional and to maximize reliability and performance, brand name and commercial grade equipment need to be installed.

Most likely you will never see a Lorex or Q-see CCTV System installed at any local major retail store/warehouse, you will find brand name CCTV Cameras such as Geovision, Hikvision, Axis, Bosch, Eyemax, Etc…

Costco San Diego gas station security camera

As a Surveillance system installer in San Diego, we referred to the same question many time before, Tom Halevi (President of Halcyon Technologies, Inc.), have been designed and installed Security Cameras Systems in some of the Costco Warehouses in San Diego, if to use commercial grade CCTV equipment or not was not even a question.

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