Advanced Access Control Systems Setup and Installation in San Diego

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of integrated IP-based electronic Access Control (EAC) solutions from access control systems, door controllers and card readers, to servers, proximity cards, finger print, Biometric and access control software. We offer AS-Manager software from Geovision, which combines powerful features and ease-of-use to easily manage single-door to enterprise-wide access control installations. Our door access controllers include the remote management software, Video surveillance integration, Smart phone app and other features.

Access Control Features

Access Control Functions

  • • Control up to 1000 Controllers
  • • Four access mode options: Card only mode, Card and PIN Code mode, Card or Common mode, Release mode
  • • Alarm conditions: door held open, door forced entry, tamper, access denied, duress, fire alarm
  • • SMS or E-Mail notification with user-defined content, video snapshot and user photo
  • • Weekly schedules
  • Multiple cards per user
  • • Enroll cards in batch mode
  • • Anti-Duress operation
  • • Anti-Passback capabilities
  • • Patrol Tour that requires security personnel to check in at the specified locations
  • • Vehicle hotlist to help locate stolen vehicles or other vehicles of interest

Video Integration

  • • Integrating video from IP cameras
  • • User-defined matrix of 16-channel multi-views
  • • Click on events to play back recordings immediately

Remote Control App

  • • Monitor unlimited GV-ASManagers over the Internet
  • • Remote door monitoring, video playback, door operatione

Remote Control Access

  • • Remotely watch live view from connected devices
  • • Remotely add or delete cards, users, controllers, access groups, cameras
  • • Remotely set up operator accounts, patrol tours, parking lots, and notification settings
  • • Web interface for historical log search with corresponding video and snapshot
  • • View access data on Google Maps in the order of access time

Visitors Registration 

  • • Web interface for creating visitor database and granting access
  • • Visitor record search
  • • Visitor self registration

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